Happy! Happy!! Happy!!!

This is a word that is becoming common again.  That is why we see hear on the radio songs like “Happy” by Pharrel Williams is toping the charts at number 1 on the billboards March 15, 2014  http://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-100. Or , if a friend tells us, “I am not happy in my DASH”  where DASH  stands relationship , work, etc. Don’t we wonder why s/he says that? Well, most of the time we know may know why, but shouldn’t our curiosity take us beyond just knowing as to what is the root of the feeling in the first place.

So why aren’t people happy in whatever they are doing? What could be the cause of this feeing? By definition, Happy is an adjective which from my research has two definitions (ref https://www.google.com/#q=happy+definition):

1. Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment

2.Fortunate or convenient

I know this may sound cliche but having and understanding of the word may eventually enable us to want to be happy all the time naturally, I might add without the use of any drugs whatsoever. Especially as the feeling is natural as well.

So, in an effort to analyze the definition, let’s begin with #1.  ‘feeling or showing pleasure or contentment” Wow! I love this one. It means we have control and should have control of our feelings whatever the case or situation we are going through may be.  Yes, I know, it’s not easy like the famous saying goes “easier said than done” but ultimately, we have the power to do so.

Want to be happy all the time? It’s achievable. All we have to do is to feeling content with our present situation. This doesn’t mean that we should settle rather it means to be poise, have control and  carry ourselves in a way that even though we may have heard , read or been treated in a bad way, we can have a better attitude about it. Some call it “Positive thinking”.

Now, analysis of #2 “fortunate or convenient” goes thus:

Of course, if everything is going as we want it or had hoped for or even better than we hoped for, we would be smiling happily from molar to premolar. It just follows suit that way.  It only gets tricky or annoying rather when things aren’t convenient or going the way we want. The natural sentiments will be the opposite (of happy). Again, this is where we require control.

I know, it sounds, simple but when faced with a challenge or difficult situation, thats where what seems to be very easy becomes a huge daunting task and this has led to a lot of sad and unfortunate stories.

I am just going to leave it here today and I hope y’all have a wonder week and enjoy the rest of your day!

Remember, be HAPPY always!






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