It does happen that It has been a while I updated this page so current post of the links to my work below have expired as some of the financing behind those jobs were grant-based.  What this means is that once the grant ended, provision were not made as it pertains to website maintenance.

I sincerely apologize to all viewers and visitors.

Thank you in advance of your understanding!


My most recent work on website development and updates are as follows:

Phi Beta Delta website –

This include, the online journal pages both new and back issues –

Conference website :

Online shop:

Desert Sierra Health Network:


California State University San Bernardino

Website worked on are as follows:


I was primarily responsible for all the center logos at the bottom of all pages, footer, ADA compliance, news page, past events page, student scholar pages (former and current), and more for the past two years.

EdTech Conference:

CSUSB Linked Learning Pathways:

Instructional Technology:

Please note that I ensured that I followed the guidelines for American Disability Association (ADA) compliance  in the developing and/ or updating of all websites listed above.

School Projects:

Coming soon!


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